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Stable workshop which produces war horses from horses

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Obtaining war horses can be a pain when you play a faction which relies a lot on it (hi Khuzait !). I spend a lot of time traveling from town to town to have access to some, resulting in maybe between five and ten war horses after a full tour.

This mod create a new workshop which takes horses as input and produces war horses. It uses the commented stable part in the native workshop xml.
I tweaked the default value which is now 1 horse + 2 grains = 1 war horse every two days.

Download the .rar and extract it. Place the StableEnabler folder into Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules.

You can modify this mod freely. To tweak the values, open the stableenabler.xml in Notepad, and modify either:
conversion_speed="X" : X=1 is one tansformation per day 
output_count="Y" : Y=1 is one war horse per transformation

It (mandatory) SHOULD be save game compatible (I tested it).
If you want to disable the mod, simply switch all your stable workshops to another one, then desactivate the module.

Also, it SHOULD be compatible with any other mod.

Additional note:
You could think the mod doesn't work (no war horse in the trade list after few days), but that's because everyone can buy them. If you want to be sure to get some horses, just increase the amount produced.

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