Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Ask armorers to craft you any armor, but for the real price !

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IMPORTANT FOR 1.0.0 users : be sure to upgrade to v1.0.2, otherwise crash will probably occur when asking for an armor if you have any mod installed


Hello everyone ! There was an old mod from Monty ( which allowed to ask the armorer to craft you some armors for their price. Sadly, it was not working anymore for quite a long time, so I decided to repair it for the current version of the game !

How does it work ?

Tested on 1.5.6 and 1.5.7
Save reload cancel the quest. That is of course not intended, I'm trying to find a fix. Avoid save reload while the quest is ongoing.
Any armor (modded or not) should be craftable with this mod. Cultured armor (modded or not) are only craftable in a settlement with the associated culture. Non cultured armor are available to craft at any armorer.

1) Talk to the armorer of a city (they are at marketplaces !)
2) Choose the kind of armor you want (from the location culture !), its tier, and the armor itself
3) Pay 1/2 of the price when you ask for the armor
4) Wait a few days until the armor is crafted (a quest is created for it)
5) Get back to the armorer and pay the rest of the price
6) Congrats, you got a brand new armor !

I added a config file which let you configure how much days each armor tier takes to be crafted. Also, you can set a maximum price for the craft. For example, the T6 imperial armor is around 600k. If you do not wish to pay that much, you can for example set a max price of 200k. Any armor with a price over it will then cost 200k.

What is coming ?

As you probably saw on the pictures, each option is written as "Choose option". That's this part which broke the old mod, and I spent maybe 8 hours straight trying to make it work. I couldn't (I probably suck) so I made a workaround and wrote the different options in the big box part. Not the best, I'm not really happy with it, but at least it works. If one day I can make it work, well, I'll do it.

Maybe translation files if the mod is enough used.

Mod removal ?
I did not test it a lot, but the quest part is written in the save file, so I guess if the quest is running, you definitely can't remove the mod. Once the quest is done, maybe you can. I'll have to test it further.

Known problems
1) The "Choose option" stuff
2) Quest is cancelled on save reload

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