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Hireable Minor faction troops with new T5 units, Reblanced Armed Trader, new bandit troops,
Armed traders, militias are able to upgrade to each culture''s minor faction troop.

Permissions and credits
Main Features
1. Minor Faction Reworked
2. Mercenary, Armed Trader Reworked
Further Updates...
 - Term to hire brotherhood
 - Hire brothers at tavern menu not at the city one. Done
 - Maybe Templar Troops (opposite side of brotherhood)
 - Consider new T5 Troops for minor faction cavalry

 1.2.1 Features   
   1. Stabilzed at 1.5.5 Beta [Launch Confirmed with 1.5.5 beta Native Only]  / Maybe also playable at 1.5.4 
   2. Set vanilla troop's stats from 1.4.1 to 1.5.5 beta ex)troops face, mercenary scout's weapon 
   3. Change some custom weapons' name for stability with other mods.


 1.2.0 Features
  1. New 4 Mercenary Cavalry troops and New 5T Minor faction Galloglass troop.
    - Mercenary Calvary's upgarde troop Lv.32 Soldner-Avantgarde ( He uses new halberd-ish spear with heavy harnessed mount! )
    - Mounted Crossbow troop tree  Lv.21 Mercenary Crossbow cavalry - Lv.26 Mercenary Ranger - Lv.32 Soldner-Guerilla ( Guerilla's 5bolts-crossbow has blunt damage and he can knock down his enemy )
  2. re-balanced units 
    - replaced ranged unit's armor - Methuselah, White Fang, Elder Boar ( Their armors were thick like infantries not like other arhcers... )
    - Now Redshank and Gallogalss is ranged position but their skills are more focused on closed-combat ( But new gallogalss still has a bow. )
    - Medium class harness to Devastator ( this horseman fights with swing spear but there was no armor on his mount it made them vulnerable )
  3. relocate some minor factions upgrade position. 
   - Imperial armed trader to Triari and Hidden hand ( was Triari and Eleftheloi )
   - Khuzait armed trader to Karakhergit and eleftheloi   ( was Karakherghit only )
   - Militia's are now only have one upgrade troop tree. 
  • Imperial Militia Spearman, from Eleftheroi and Triari to only Triari, I fixed this cuz improved garrison mod upgraded my militia's troop that I don't want. and  Eleftheroi is more like empire's enemy in storyline
  • Imperial Militia Archer, from Hidden hand and Guardian to only Guardian.
  • Khuzait Militia Spearman to Eleftheroi and Archer to Karakhergit
  • Vlandia Militia Spearman to brotherhood and Archer to Golden Boar ( Boar's concept of mine is glass-cannon and brotherhood's is balanced archer with sword and shield so I changed each )
  4. new spear, 2 crossbows, 2 bolts, 2 Handed Sword
  - Mercenary Halberd / Cavalry Crossbow / Guerilla Crossbow / Cavalry bolt / Shock bolt /  Gallowglass Two Hander 
 1.1.0 Features
  1. Brotherhood Troops are temporarily deleted. ( It caused crash on load a save sometime )
  2. New 8 Bandit troops - Now, Bandits got loots and experience how to survive. but they're still weaker than Regular Soldier and want something more.
                                                   (Their main stats are lower than same lv.26 soldiers and require some trade good to upgrade. but remember, they're easy to get)
    - Sea Raider Chief → Vikingar
    - Forest Bandit → Forest Ambusher ( Vanila Forest Bandit was stronger than any other Lv.21 Arhcer. So I nerf their stats a bit )
    - Highwayman → Devastator
    - Harami → Desert Raider
    - Looter → Penal Battalion → Survived Penal Battalion → Shtrafbat  ( They are made to be an arrow spunge with shield and no armor. if they survived many                                                                                                                              times, they got rewarded with better equipment )
    - Raider → Huns
  3. Add New 2 Weapons
    - Viking Throwing Spear ( Long Long... Throwing Spear )
    - Ulfberht ( Viking Sword )
 1.0.1 Features
  1. Seperate brotherhood troop tree into infantry and ranged. - Game mixes euipment sets so they armed with just arrow and bolt with out ranged weapon  eg) Brotherhood Assassin
  2. Brotherhood's throwing knife is only for throwing now - When it had one-handed form, they didn't use primary weapon such as dagger or sword. 
  3. Nerf overall new troops' skill point. - When It compares to vanila troops, my troops are much stronger(because of higher skill points and high-end weapon and armors).    T3 - 420 to 370 / T4 - 480 to 420 
  4. Add custom armors for brotherhood and Reblance Custom Weapon


  1. Minor Faction Reworked

  Vanila Game nerfed minor faction troop's level(26 to 21). I also changed T3 troops level to 21 and rebalanced stat(not just copy and paste,  make their own strength). Furthermore Some of them have T4(Lv.26) in their troop tree.

 Sum of Main skill points (Atlethics and 2types of weapon)
 T3 - 350~370 / T4 - 410~430

  Each T4 Troops are..

Golden Boar - Vlandian Culture. Sepcialized at crossbow
Brotherhood of Forest - Vlandian Culture. Balanced bowman
Lake rat - Sturgian Culture. Specialized at Throwing.
Skolder Brotva - Nord&Sturgian Culture. High Mobility and Good at Spear
Forest People - Vakken&Sturgian Culture. Focused on strong bow skill with 2h axe 
Wolfskins - Battanian Culture. Focused on mobility and 2H and Bow balanced.
Guardian - Imperial Culture. Specialized at bow with low mobility
Hiddenhand - Imperial Culture. Focused on mobility and knife throwing 
Legion of the betrayed - Imperial Culture. Balanced Heavy Infantry.

Minor factions who don't have T4 troop...

 got buffed T3 Troops. I didn't make minor faction cavalry T4 troop because it's too powerful even it's not a noble troop.
Instead t
hey have total 360~390 skill points.

Galloglass - Now Redshank is stornger than other T3 bowman but weaker than T4.
Kara khergit - More focused on riding and bow
Beni Zilal - More focused on throwing
Ghilman - More focused on polearms
Eleutheroi - I found something interested about their status. Veterans age is set by 40 to 60. So I made them character. Their Veterans are very old, but real specialized cavalry. They rarely armed but have top notch riding and polearm skills in their level.
Zawal - More than average skills with high athletics like Jawal T1 does.

  2. Mercenary & Armed Trader Rewokred

 New T6 Mercenary troops for infantry and crossbowman. 

  Wanderitter - Wandering knight who is looking for the lord to serve. they are heavily armed with 2H sword and throwing knife.
  Armbrustmeister - They have knowledge about engineering. Finally they made special crossbow that doesn't need to be reloaded after shot       once or twice.
 Both of them are good at Distinguished service MOD

Now Armed Trader reworked and now they can be upgraded to each culture's minor fation troops.
  You can see them often in tavern. They were good for wasting your money. Even they were 16level, they had 6 level skill points. so I made them level 11 and gave them 11Lv-skill points. also you can upgrade them to minor faction troop in their culture.

 Minor Faction is Hirable 
  some minor faction troop's occupation is now set as a mercenary so you can hire them in tavern.
troops that you can see in tavern are... 

Skolder Brotva, Forest people, Brotherhood of forest, Golden Boar, Betrayed of Legion, Hiddenhand, Wolfskins, Galloglass, Karakergit, Beni zilal, Ghilman.

 3. New Troop Tree - The Brotherhood of Assassin [Experimental]
 You can hire them at town. Most of them armed with Powerful short dagger and throwing knives on base. they additionally armed with 1H Sword, Axe, bow and crossbow. though they're not organized army, so one troop can have variety of equipment set.  eg) Each Lv.21 Assassin can have Bow/Crossbow/Scimitar/Sword 
High tier brothers are more useful with Distinguished service MOD  CANCELED

 4. Some New Items
  added 3 Crossbows, 3 Bolts, 4 Throwing Weapon Parts, 1 Blade part and Armor sets for brothers.
 tried not to destroy game balance too much but I need your feedback. espcially for corssbow, I'm using this overhaul with Realistic Battle Mod & Light Combat Mod. So I set my crossbow much weaker than original file.

How to use
 1. extract .zip and put my mod in your module folder.
 2. Check my mod on launcher. 
 3. Place my mod under any other main troop faction mod.
 4. Save and launch the game

 It's compatible with a other major faction troop mod(I didn't touch Major Troop at all) without additional weapon parts. (Eg. Comlete Troop overhaul)
 if you're using mods that contain new weapon parts, It may cause crash. Leave comment if u got crash becuase of this.

 Compatible with many other mod. now I'm using this overhaul with another 30+ Mods on 1.4.1

Trouble Shooting
  - When you update my mod 1.0.1 from 1.0.0 you may cause crash. If it happens, try to get rid of all brother troops on your party before save, and try again.
  - When your game crashed with other troop mods, check their folder and find crafting_templates files. and leave a message or comment.