Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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A set of Categories to help in organizing and sorting your mods.

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Bannerlord mod load order is a fairly important thing but there really is no standardized way to order them outside of hoping the uploader has given you adequate information. Even then, they can only guide you when it comes to mods that they use.

Once you've added your mods to the "Modules" folder, you have to sift through a list of files where one can easily forget what is being changed.

I decided to create a set of categories that allow you to place mods under them. In this way, you can sort them to help aid the load order.

The images attached to this mod are, in no way, a guide as to how to order your mods. However, I do feel that it is probably a good starting point. Loading the larger overhaul mods before loading the smaller mods that would overwrite large changes. For example, loading Bannerlord Tweaks first to get those changes and then allowing a mod that changes Garrison food consumption to load afterwards in order to overwrite BLTweaks setting.

In this pack, I have added around a dozen categories. They are as follows (ordered how I personally think mods should be loaded):

Load First
Total Overhauls
Loot Changes
Maps and Environments
Kingdom Changes
Settlement Changes
Clan Changes
Party Changes
Player Changes
Troops and Units
Combat Changes
Armor And Clothing
UI Changes
Miscellaneous Mods
Load Last

These "categories" are basically shells that a mod would be built from. As such, they will appear as mods in the list for both Mod Launcher and Fixed Launcher. However, they do not need to be activated and I'm not sure what would happen if you did. As such, just leave them inactive.