Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

Unlock all tier above T5 prisoners to recruitment
Configurable using json file to increase the recruitment availibility

Permissions and credits
Version 0.0.8 Stable on beta 1.7.0

Mod Content

This mod aim to unlock and allow configuration for the frequency/ability to recruit all tier of unit (even T5+).

For now the mods seems save friendly and mostly compatible with all mods as long as they not define a new RecruitPrisonerCampaignBehavior.

Mod Compatibility

This mod should be compatible with 99% of the mods as long as they do not modify prisoners recruitment behavior.

works perfectly with mods unit like Noble troop (credit to the modder)

Mod Installation

I recommend using Vortex to install it.

Otherwise for manual installation

Drag and drop folder "RecruitablePrisonersMods" in your default modules Bannerlord folders 

As default it should be : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules"

Mod Configuration

you can modify value per tier and add more of them in case of need.

The higher the values of "Conformity" the lower the frequency for recruitment.

Basic formula :
(character.Level + 6) * (character.Level + 6) - 10;


For basics issue i recommend you to check this mod description as the autor already explain a lots of issue with mods using dll.

Otherwise feel free to ask on the thread of this mods, and i will try you help you


Credits to the Stenella (creator of

I almost take his work for the probability part and add some stuff around but as he do not update it there is my version modded for my self and i share it with you guys.

I added the feature to have T6+ eligible to prisoner recruitment

And  mildeww for his modlib mod and well detailed documentaion


Feels free to endorse if you like

If you encounter bugs do not hesitate to post

Have good play :)