Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Accelerates time to make all heroes (lords, wanderers, children) get older much faster.

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Right now the game has a concept of dynasties. But it is nearly useless because of time that goes too slow. This simple mod is another solution of the problem. It makes time in the game a little tricky. Everything is the same, but heroes are getting older much faster. This effect is not conditional or selective and affects all heroes in the same manner while mod is active. By default one year in the game is 84 days. Mod default value is 5. So every 5 days all heroes will become one year older. Check file config.xml to setup how long one year of hero life takes in days. The mod only accelerates time for heroes and adds some acceleration releated fixes, so everything else is vanilla. The mod does not requere a new game and not save any specific data, so you can turn on or turn off it at any moment.

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