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Top-tier equipment nowhere to be found? Kataphracts can find lamellar but you had to steal your wife's? This mod adds an armoury to each city's keep where you can buy all the good stuff.

Permissions and credits
Requires beta 1.3
Feel free to click "Track" to be notified of any updates...
If anyone with 1.2 installed wants to recompile the mod for 1.2 please let me know.


Go to a city's keep and access the armoury. Simple.

The name of the armoury varies between kingdoms.
The items available vary according to a settlement's culture.
Cheat mode adds some cheatsy vanilla stuff.

Balance: Items have to be paid for. Prices are untouched.


Safe to add and remove mid-game.

Compatible with everything.


Same as for any other module. Unzip it and place it in the game's install folder "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules".
If on Steam, right click the game title -> "manage" -> "browse local files". Both Zip and 7zip downloads available.
If it is installed correctly you'll get a notification text on the bottom left of the screen at the main menu.

Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting Guide

How to report a bug/CTD:

Included in download.

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