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Simple mod for faster movements (only includes sprinting, jumping and climbing) *SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE MOD*

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Hello! This is my second mod here.

It simply alters/increases various movement speeds of all humans in game.

These alterations are:

  • Overall movement speed increase by %29 percent
  • Ladder climb speed increase by %48 percent
  • Jump cooldown decreased to zero (this means you can jump as soon as you land (if not hard land)

It does NOT alter mounted speed or weapon draw speed or sword swing speed etc.

This mod can be used as a template to change parameters for your desire. In order to do that change numbers in native_parameters.xml file in my mod's folder.

* Vortex can be used for install / uninstall.

Manual installation

This mod can be installed any time. It doesn't need new save game.

After downloading the mod just extract zFasterMovement folder into the Modules folder of game.
Path to Modules folder is like below:
...\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

I suggest using 7-zip, I'm using for years, it is free, functional and fast.

Do not forget to activate mod in launcher when starting game.

There is no specific instruction for load order. This mod will work anywhere between under Native and bottom of the list.

Manual uninstall

This mod can be uninstalled any time. It will NOT corrupt your save game.

Deactivate Faster Movement in launcher if you want to disable for a while but use it again later.

Remove zFasterMovement folder from Modules if you want to complete uninstall.

Compatibility with Other Mods

I didn't see any mod doing same. (This is why I created this mod.) So I assume it is safe to use with all other mods.
In case if anyone encounters compatibility problems please write a comment with some details so I can look and check.

Save Game Compatibility

This mod is %100 save game compatible. You can add this mod anytime you want, you will get faster movements immediately. Also you can remove anytime you want, movement speed will turn back to native.

Compatibility of Future Versions of Game

This mod will stay compatible between versions of game unless native_parameters.xml file get some changes. However I will update the mod as soon as possible when there is such a change.

You all Stay Safe!

My Bannerlord mods: Naked Females / Faster Movement / Throwing Arrow / Less Damage / No Limit Bundle Updated / Start Campaign Married / Universal Female Soldiers / Enable FaceGen Sliders / Profitable Workshops / Recruit Prisoners Right Away / Perfect Disguise / UIC (Unlimited Inventory Capacity) .