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This mod allows basic soldiers, who meet certain criteria, to ascend to companion-dom following battle. Now the troops you've had by your side since their peasant days can be rewarded with cushy governor jobs.

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  • Mandarin
NEWS: TaleWorlds has fixed the bug where player-selected formations were not being adhered to after loading a game - they have changed how the game interfaces with unit formations, which means IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON 1.4.3b, use the 1.4.3b version! A different mod version was required because TW also sneakily changed up the CharacterObject.CreateFrom method arguments.

2.7.0 is out: I have fixed the problem with companions not staying proper companions when you load the game. The issue arose from what TaleWorlds decides to save/load from savegames, and what it decides to load from other sources, and hero occupation is one of the things it decides not to store. 
I have fixed that by adding a OnGameLoaded listener that finds player companions who aren't "wanderers" and re-sets their occupation correctly. This should fix any problems with companion dialog in towns and villages.

This fix won't require a new game or anything - as long as the bugged companion is considered in your clan, they will qualify as a "Player Companion", and their state will be fixed.

Randomly, following a battle (with a probability set in a config xml file), an individual soldier will be nominated to ascend to companion-hood, as long as they're a high-enough tier of unit (also set in the xml file). They will be given the stats of their unit type, plus some random bonuses across the board, as well as attribute and focus points for you to assign as you see fit. Not every ascended mook will be useful outside of combat, but it's a possibility.

If a unit of a high-enough tier gets enough kills during a battle, they may be short-tracked to companion-ship. The kill threshold is customizable, and any that have surpassed it on a given mission will be put in a list for nomination at the end of a battle.

If one of your companions dies (which can be enabled or disabled in the config file), you will be given the option to mercilessly loot their still-warm corpse for their potentially high-tier armour. This will lose you honor (as a fraction of the total value of their equipment, so be c a r e f u l, as some unit armour is worth >500k). You can also choose to return their equipment to their families, gaining you honor (by a similar system).

The config file (Settings.xml) has several parameters:

  • tier_threshold, the minimum tier of unit eligible to become a hero.
  • nomination_chance, the chance after a battle for a random unit to be chosen.
  • base_additional_skill_points, the number of bonus skill points to be spread around their stat sheet.
  • leadership_points_per_50_extra_skill_points, how many points of the player's leadership skill translates to 50 additional skill points for the new hero.
  • battle_size_scale, the total number of party kills needed to add an additional nomination_chance probability for a nomination. It rewards your guys being more "kill-y", instead of sitting in the back of a battle.
  • combat_perf_nomination_chance_increase_per_kill, the increase in nomination chance for a nominee based on the number of kills they have. It's important to note that these lists won't persist on-exit, as it's coded at the moment.
  • lethality_chance, is the chance of a companion (only a player companion, not lords, or anybody else) being killed when reduced to zero HP during a battle. If you're using the Heroes Must Die mod, set this value to zero (or negative), because any interaction between these mods is undefined behaviour.
  • inf_kill_threshold, the infantry-specific kill threshold to be nominated.
  • cav_kill_threshold, the cavalry-specific kill threshold to be nominated.
  • ran_kill_threshold, the archer-specific... You get the idea.
  • medicine_death_chance_reduction, the reduction in lethality_chance for each 10 skill points in medicine.
  • max_nominations, the maximum number of nominees you are allowed to pick at the end of a battle.
  • upgrade_to_hero, changes nomination functionality so that when a unit is upgraded to tier_threshold they automatically become a hero. Pairs best with high tier_threshold, and high lethality
  • fill_in_perks, sets new hero perks to be automatically filled in on uplift, saving you time.
  • away_lethality_reduction_factor, the factor by which to reduce the chance of death for a companion in a different party. If this is 2, they have half the lethality_chance of dying as a unit in your army. Their party's perks and medicine skill do affect this chance.
  • save_formations: Set to false to disable saving/loading of troop formations, in case of conflict with some other mod.
New in 2.5.0:
  • respect_companion_limit, whether or not to take the game's companion limit into consideration for troop nominations.
  • bonus_companion_slots_base, the base number of extra companion slots to add, if you're respecting the companion limit. Set to 0 for native. This is applied with a targeted Harmony PostFix that should be compatible with other mods that affect this value.
  • bonus_companion_slots_per_clan_tier, the number of extra companion slots granted per clan tier. Set to 0 for native. This is applied with a targeted Harmony PostFix that should be compatible with other mods that affect this value. 
New in 2.6.0:
  • Inside ModuleData/ds_item_modifiers.xml you are able to adjust the modifiers applied to the equipment of newly-created companions. If you want to remove the resale temptation, then you can set the price_factor to 0, and if you want to incentivize upgrading their armour, you can add maluses to the item stats. The default is 10% of original value, with the original stats.

If you want to guarantee that a unit that surpasses the kill threshold will be offered as a companion, you can change combat_perf_nomination_chance_increase_per_kill to be equal to 1.0/[X]_kill_threshold, which means that the new companion event will always fire, given at least one high-performing soldier.
In the absence of nominees based on battle performance, the highest-tier non-hero soldier in your party is the unit that gets nominated, albeit at a much lower rate. However you are allowed to say "no", if you don't want (or can't afford) a new companion.

If you want an even more XCOM-esque experience, you can get the Heroes Must Die mod (requires MCM as well), but I haven't tested its compatibility so it's a caveat emptor situation. I'd recommend setting lethality_chance to zero or negative to disable the behaviour if you combine these mods, however.

If you want to really reward your loyal soldiers, the Marry Anyone mod allows you to marry companions (and more). 

  • Feel free to leave suggestions!

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  • Sergeants for Hire, which allows you to hire Sergeant units from towns to increase your party size. This mod takes advantage of Harmony PostFix and reflection libraries to be compatible even if you're using another mod that overrides the default party size function!
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