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This mod adds fire arrows, a minimap, custom battles, expanded management options for companions & villages, sea battles, and more! Experience deeper gameplay with new strategic options, customization, and challenges.

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The main feature of this modification is the ability to ignite many different objects in battles. For this, you can use fire arrows and torches. Opponents that get caught in the fire will take damage from it. In addition, over time, this mod has acquired a lot of other features: a mini-map was added to the game, the village looting system was changed, the ability to create squads that your companions will command was introduced, the interface was significantly redesigned and much more was done. As a result of all these changes, a pretty decent mod emerged.

  • Fire Arrows: Set fire to structures, siege equipment, and even enemies, adding a new strategic layer to combat.
  • Enhanced Management: Manage your companions and parties with greater control, including assigning tasks and customizing trade.
  • Custom Battles: Create personalized quick battles, choosing sides, locations, and even specific lords to lead.
  • Minimap: Track enemy positions and your inventory with a handy minimap.
  • Custom Banners & Heraldry: Design your own banner and choose from a wider selection of heraldic armor.
  • Sea Battles: Command your ship in thrilling naval combat.
  • Village Management: Develop your villages, manage resources, and interact with villagers in new ways.
  • Companion Parties: Create and manage parties led by your companions, expanding your influence.
  • Expanded Town & Castle Management: Oversee food supplies, recruit prisoners, and demand surrenders.
  • Overhauled Village Quests: Experience more dynamic and engaging village quests.