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Buffs a few consumables such as mushrooms last 60 seconds not 10, Rats heal 90 instead of 45, bells last for 60 minutes instead of 6, gain 50k tar and 100 glimpses etc

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I don't normally make imbalanced cheat type of mods but there aren't really any mods for this game so I figured some people may just want to have an easier time.  
This just changes a few consumable values to make your experience a bit less brutal =)
  • Glimpse of Futility - adds 100 glimpses instead of 1 (unfamiliar) / 2 (familiar)
  • Remnant of Tar - adds 50,000 tar when familiar instead of 100
  • Roasted Rat  - adds 70/90 health instead of 35/45, still 10 sec duration. 
  • Weltcap - heals for 2 health/sec over 60 seconds instead of 3 health/sec over 10 seconds.  Meaning you get 120 health over a minute instead of 30 over 10 seconds when familiar.  I just wanted it to last longer but not completely break it, though I considered doing something like 0.5/s for 120s or 1/s for 60 instead.  
  • Inferior Moonshine - no longer costs 5 health when familiar, also gives 2 resolve not 1 when familiar
  • Golden Bell - now lasts 30mins/60 mins instead of 3mins/6mins
  • Silver bell - now lasts 60 mins instead of 6 mins and increases tar gain by 100% instead of 10%

Navigate to your game install location, steam users can right click the game in steam library, mouse over "manage" and select "browse local files".  You will need to create a folder named exactly this between the quotes "~mods" inside the paks folder, here is the file path \Mortal Shell\Dungeonhaven\Content\Paks\~mods
Once you have created your mods folder you can drop this extracted file into it so it looks like this \Mortal Shell\Dungeonhaven\Content\Paks\~mods\500-BetterConsumables_P.pak

Any other .pak mods can go into this folder and conflicts will only happen when mods alter the same file, currently there are no other mods available that conflict with this mod.