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A new mission to delve into the dark waters of the abyss for the Twin Lamps brings us to today's Mod of the Day, which today is Respite in Hostile Waters by HMCascade. A fairly short quest and dungeon mod, Respite in Hostile Waters adds a new Twin Lamps-themed quest for you to go on, investigating an old wreck south of Bal Fell that quickly leads to something far more below in the treacherous depths of the Inner Sea.

A neat little dungeon romp that'll require more than a few potions of water breathing, Respite in Hostile Waters is certainly a unique little adventure, one you may want to check out for yourself!

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Respite in Hostile Waters By HMCascade

This video was recorded with the MMS Graphics Mod List.

The music in today's video is from The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Soundtrack by Brad Derrick and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule.