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A lore-friendly expansion to a hidden Easter Egg in vanilla Morrowind, today's Mod of the Day is Goldbrand Reforged - The Quest for Eltonbrand by Discontinuous Qualia, a quest mod that expands upon the legendary artifact of Goldbrand, giving you a path to transform this famed golden blade into the even more powerful Eltonbrand. Blending in seamlessly with the vanilla game, this quest feels like a natural extension to Morrowind, and as such, it came in 5th place during the 2023 Winter Modjam competition, winning the Best Lore Expansion Award.

If you've ever wanted an easier and better way to upgrade Goldbrand to Eltonbrand, this is quite possibly the best mod out there for you, and it's absolutely worth giving a try!

Download Links:
Goldbrand Reforged - The Quest for Eltonbrand By Discontinuous Qualia

The music in today's video is from The Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind Soundtrack by Brad Derrick.