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Brave the dangers of Vvardenfell in this lore-friendly quest mod to reforge Goldbrand into the mysterious Eltonbrand. Speak to Sirilonwe in the Vivec Mages Guild while carrying Goldbrand to begin the quest. Part of the 2023 Winter Modjam.

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Goldbrand Reforged - The Quest for Eltonbrand

In Morrowind Eltonbrand is a more powerful variant of Goldbrand obtained through a developer Easter egg. The method to do this is highly specific, nearly impossible to perform naturally. This mod transforms that Easter egg into a fully fledged lore-friendly quest, allowing the player to obtain Eltonbrand through natural play without the use of a wiki. It also provides some alternatives to the most frustrating requirements, such as having vampirism.

Getting Started
To get started, talk to Sirilonwe in the Mages Guild in Vivec while carrying Goldbrand.