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Tired of waiting around for St. Jiub to kill all of the cliff racers for you? With today's Mod of the Day you won't have to wait, because today we're featuring Animal Extinction - MWSE by Spammer, a handy little mod that makes it so that if you kill enough of any particular type of creature, eventually, they'll go extinct and disappear from Vvardenfell! By default, this is set to a kill count of 2000 to cause any particular creature, like cliff racers or nix-hounds, to go extinct, but you can adjust this to whatever you like, and as you kill more creatures, they'll gradually become less common as their population declines, eventually disappearing altogether. This is a really neat way for you to work towards removing the game's most annoying creatures by yourself, instead of relying on mods that automatically remove creatures or make them passive by default, and potentially, this could add to your gaming experience, giving you a new goal to work towards.

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Animal Extinction - MWSE By Spammer

The music in today's video is from Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal