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Twenty years ago today we washed up upon a foreign shore, in a land called Morrowind, unaware of the role we were to play in that nation's history, where every path and road led to someplace new, an adventure at every turn. A new world, all ours for the taking, hostile at first, but, with time, familiar, welcoming, and even, eventually, a home. Over the last twenty years we have delved through every depth, visited every city, explored every ruin, and been on every quest. Yet the adventure continues, our journey unfinished, though decades pass, still we return to our home in Morrowind.

How many memories have we shared, how many lives have we lived, how many adventures have we experienced in this alien world? And how many more will we yet experience? For Morrowind's journey continues, with new stories still being written, new dungeons still being built, new lands still being created. For 20 years our modding community has built new worlds, added new adventures, designed new graphics and gameplay systems, and re-envisioned nearly every inch of Morrowind's landscapes.

From the humblest little home to entire new provinces, modders have created thousands, tens of thousands of mods for Morrowind since 2002, making what was once thought impossible, possible, from mutliplayer to the cities of Skyrim to entire crafting systems and survival mechanics, we can experience Morrowind again and again, and each time, experience something new through the creations we've built as a community. And that community, far from slowing down, has only been growing, with a new golden age of Morrowind modding, and near limitless potential for the future.

For a game that largely popularized modding at the turn of the millennium, I can think of nothing better than to honor Morrowind's 20th anniversary in the best possible fashion with a massive modding competition, the 8th Annual Morrowind May Modathon Month Modding Competition. For what better way is there to celebrate this game we all love, this never-ending tale, than to build upon it and make it even greater than ever before?

As always, this year's Modathon is a month-long modding competition for the community, and every participating mod released in May on the Nexus or Morrowind Modding Hall will be entered to win a ton of indie and even AAA games from the Morrowind Modding Showcases channel.

But anyway, how can you participate? It's easy, when you go to release your mod on the Nexus or Morrowind Modding Hall, just leave a line at the top that says "Part of the May Modathon Month" or if you're uploading on the Nexus, you can use the May Modathon 2022 tag, and you'll automatically be entered to win! And don't worry, if you don't know how to mod, you can check out our Let's Mod Morrowind series to learn a lot of the basics! Every mod has a shot at winning, so why not give it a try!

Remember, this competition only applies to mods released in May! So let's all get modding, and give Morrowind the proper 20th anniversary celebration it so rightfully deserves by making it even better than ever with a ton of new content!

Check out our official announcement threads below to find out more information!

Nexus Announcement Thread

The music in this video is "ES_Epic Trailer 2 T60" By Jon Bjork from Epidemic Sound and "Morrowind Title" and "TES4Title" by Jon Babb.