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    New demonstration relayed to players via gaming press

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    Bethesda Softworks held something called a BFG 2011 press event where they showed off a Skyrim demo to the gaming press. This resulted in a heap of previews being released by a number of gaming sites. A recording of the demo has not been released for viewing by the general public to make up their own minds.

    IGN gives a general overview of new and already known features.

    You'll still get to pick from one of 10 fantasy races, customize your physical appearance, and select a gender, but after that it's right into the game you go. The eight attribute categories from the previous Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, have been cut out. Now you only have to worry about your Magicka to cast spells, Health for your hit points, and Stamina, which serves as a limiting factor when pulling off axe slashes and mace bashes in combat.

    Gamespot goes into greater detail about the quest and magical combat.

    At this point, our character decided to forgo melee weapons altogether and rely solely on his magical abilities. In one hand, he equipped the circle of protection, which warded off the undead foes; in the other, he equipped chain lighting, which blasted foes to pieces. Between how they looked and operated, the magical abilities in Skyrim reminded us of the plasmids in the BioShock series. One of the ways our character could learn new spells was by collecting magical tomes, one of which just happened to be lying nearby. Once the Draugr were defeated, our character studied the tome and mastered the fireball spell, which he then paired up with a one-handed axe.

    Gamespot also declared the graphics to be stunning and cutting edge, although they also used the same terminology for Oblivion and Morrowind at the time they were released.

    Rock Paper Shotgun gives their preview as 20 bullet points.

    14. Modding is fully supported, in the form of the Creation Kit. “We’re really big into the mods on the PC. Hopefully day and date with the game, but there might be some slack there.” Bethesda have also been influenced by a few mods for earlier games – for instance, bows have been tweaked as a result of finding an Oblivion balance mod that did ‘em better.

    Kudos to whoever made that mod.

    The Escapist are impressed by the graphics.

    I took thirteen pages of notes during last week's two hour Skyim demo, but the two words I scribbled near the bottom of the first page probably sum it up better than anything else I wrote: holy s***. Yes, I wrote that in my notes. Bethesda's newest Elder Scrolls game is just that impressive. While that observation was originally prompted just by the game's breathtaking visuals,

    Eurogamer uh...

    I strongly believe that if you have ever played a western RPG for longer than 10 hours and do not find that concept sexually exciting, you should close your web browser and rethink your life.

    Eurogamer's preview also contains some new information.

    We do at least find out that you can buy property, and Howard hints that some dragons may not be your enemies.

    You can find links to other game previews in this Bethesda blog post.[/quote]

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