• 13 March 2010 19:46:50

    Scheduled down-time (8 hours) Monday 15th March

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    All the Nexus Sites and the forums will be taken offline on Monday the 15th of March from 1pm GMT for up to 8 hours while the forum and Nexus code is updated to the latest version. During this time none of the sites will be available and no files will be downloadable. A redirect will be put in place that I'll keep people updated on.

    Over 3 months work has gone in to recoding the tens of thousands of lines behind the Nexus sites to increase performance, security, fix many bugs and add some new aesthetics and features. Perhaps not Nexus 2.0 quite yet, but Nexus 1.10.

    At the same time the forums will be upgraded to the latest stable version. While I'm not a big fan of the new version quite yet the version I'm currently using is being abandoned by Invision Power and staying on top of security on the forums is a top priority considering how central they are to the running of all the Nexus sites.

    Thank you for your patience during this period and once again to the Premium Members who help support the running of this network of sites.

    The full change log in this coming update is listed below.


    - The capped download speed of all members will be increased from 150kb/sec to 500kb/sec. Premium Members will continue to be uncapped, have access to their own servers and have full pause/resume and download manager supporter
    - Files with large numbers of ratings now have pagination so it doesn't take a long time to load on slow connections
    - Added "Has images", "Has an uploaded readme", "Only show adult-only files" options to the advanced file search
    - Changed the ability to search by ratings to endorsements
    - Tag search results are now more clearly visible at the top of the page, rather than under the list of tags
    - Discussions now have a count on the tab to see how many discussion topics are open
    - Adult-only files will no longer display in search results or category listings unless the user has specifically allowed adult-only files in their preferences
    - Guests and members with adult-only content turned off are informed that adult-only content will not be visible

    - Improved the efficiency of the download history code by over 90% so the page will now load faster
    - Split the "Downloads this month" and "Downloads before this month" in to seperate pages. You can now view the files downloaded this month without waiting a long time for the page to load if you've downloaded a lot of files in the past
    - Added a new column, "Last update", that shows the last time the uploader of the files you've downloaded updated their file

    - Members can no longer track other members
    - The file tracking feed now lists all the files you're tracking in order of their last update, along with their past 20 updates from their action logs in date order
    - The file tracking feed can by sorted by last update or file name while filtering the action logs to specific actions (such as only showing file updates)
    - Each file has their own tracking feed, along with an RSS feed

    - Aesthetic changes have been made to the layout of profiles
    - Links are now available to the user's profile on other Nexus sites
    - Fixed an issue where hidden files and images would be visible in a users profile
    - Files and images marked as adult-only will now only be visible in a user's profile if the visitor has the adult-only content filter on

    - The forums have been upgraded to the latest software version of Invision Power Board
    - The forum skin has been changed as the old skin was not compatible with the new version; a dark skin and light skin are now available

    - Added checks to the file creation process to prevent new file entries being created without a forum thread despite the author selecting to allow comments on their file
    - Fixed some issues with the site BBCode not liking the forum BBCode including the use of quotes and apostrophes in the URL and COLOR tags
    - Improved login retention and security as well as automatically upgrading Premium Members without the need for them to log out and in again
    - Numerous background security and performance tweaks that have made the Nexus a safer place

    - Doubled the total Private Message inbox size from 50 to 100 for normal members. Premium members continue to have a total of 500.
    - Provided links to other Nexus sites in the top bar and side bar
    - Ads on the site are now loaded in their own frame so if the adserver is particularly slow the rest of the site will not wait for the ad to display

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