• 3 April 2008 12:20:57

    A few bugs after server move

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The server move went down yesterday without a hitch, and only a couple of hours downtime. There are a couple of "bugs" that have arisen as a result but both should be easily fixable.

    Image uploading is currently broken pending the install of a missing Apache module that handles the automatic generation of thumbnails. That should be back and working within a few hours.

    A few people have reported problems with file names not being accepted for their file uploads despite following the character guidelines. I cannot replicate the issue but have asked a few people to help out to try and iron out this problem. More than likely it is a legacy issue with the different versions of Apache and PHP being used.

    Those are the two bugs that I know of. If you've found more please get in contact.

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