• 30 July 2006 12:06:52

    Fake Mods Being Uploaded

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    Hi folks,

    It has come to my attention over this past weekend that someone has been creating fake accounts at TESSource with names that are similar to current mod author's. This person has then been uploading semi-malicious mods to the database with names very similar to current mods; trying to pass it off as a legitimate modification.

    I believe one mod titled "No Psychic Guards" randomly spawns an Arena spectator to your location who is invincible. The description on the official forums was "he's just popping up randomly and clapping like he's suffering from palsy, and appears accompanied by a lightning sound effect.". Sounds relatively humorous, but apparently it's not for the people who have it. Obvious this has bad implications if it continues and gets more malicious.

    People should be extra vigilant of mods they are downloading at the moment and should check their sources before downloading. Check the forum post to see if anyone has reported anything suspicious.

    If there are any problems please remember to contact me as soon as possible instead of debating it on the Official Forums for a few days.


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