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  1. Download link broken.
    1. Understandable have a nice day
    2. For me works at least, not tested the mod
  2. could you ever make a great house dagoth version with voice for that dialouge
  3. Well, Dagoth Ur is supposed to be crazy, not evil, but whatever.
  4. Short version:
    This is a great mod, the voice-acting is very well-done and it does exactly what it says it's going to do. It is, however, not for me.

    Long version:
    The first time I went into the facility in Red Mountain, I, too, was expecting something similar to what is portrayed in this mod, but then I heard him greet me. I listened to what he said and thought back to what exactly his goals were, and what my goals were as the Nerevarine. Were they really all that different? Yes, his methodology was flawed, but what did he want to do? Drive out the Imperials, dismantle the Tribunal, and return the Velothi people to their traditional practices, just as the Nerevarine prophecy states the Nerevarine is to do.

    I feel like wanting to make Dagoth Ur sound "more evil" stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the character. Dagoth Ur wasn't some generic evil wizard, but a charismatic leader, a great hero fallen from grace, and a severely damaged man. He believed himself to be doing the right thing (and, from a certain perspective, it could be argued that he was). In fact, back during the Battle of the Red Mountain he advocated destroying the Heart and Kagranac's Tools worried that they would be misused and only spared them on Nerevar's orders.

    It's these things that make Dagoth Ur one of my favorite antagonists, even one of my favorite CHARACTERS in gaming. I'm not saying don't get this mod, just some food for thought. This has been on my mind recently and thought here would be a good place to air that out. Thanks for listening to my ramblings for those that did.
    1. You have a good point. Now I'm conflicted with whether or not I should use this mod... I'll probably use this in a second playthrough, since I haven't completed it once yet. Nice to see someone with a thoughtful sort of view point bring up interesting things like this.
  5. I'm using MGSO and even when I follow the uninstall procedures this mod gave it still says that I'm missing the certain voice files when Dagoth Ur speaks. I've deleted the esp. Help!

    EDIT: Never mind, just deleted "New Voices.esp" and he's using normal voice
  6. It's too bad you didn't add a video so people can listen the new voice without needing to download.
  7. This a great mod, its fantastic!

    But a warning, if ur using great house dagoth, this conflicts with it and after a certain bit causes ur to freeze and atk u.
    Going vanilla this is a must have
  8. Nice <img class="emoticon" src="" />
  9. Thanks to Buddah (again), I got the file and re-uploaded to fix the broken download.

  10. If anyone has this mod, please send it to me and I will fix the broken download.