Mysterious Manor by Trollf
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Added: 30/07/2006 - 03:07PM
Updated: 19/10/2007 - 12:10AM

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Last updated at 0:10, 19 Oct 2007 Uploaded at 15:07, 30 Jul 2006

This is a most recent (but quite old now ;p) version of my house mod. Here is a list of changes:

* Moved manor's location to south-west Balmora outside city walls (west of silt strider port). This house should now be compatible with a larger number of plugins that add content to this city (especially with Balmora Expansion).
* Changed name, now it's called 'Mysterious Manor' instead of 'Trollf Manor'.
* Slightly redesigned most of the 'rooms' by adding new furniture, containers and flora, removed some of the mannequins from the armory (few of them replaced by female ones)
* Added basement with some glowing mushrooms and with even more space to store your loot
* Added some lanterns to almost every 'room'. They can be switched on/off at your own will (lantern in main hall can be lowered by pulling the rope near the door ;-])
* If you find 'hidden' switch you can reveal hidden safe with some tiny loot =]
* One of the small chests contains very 'specific' note called 'Hunters Achievements'. It shows how many creatures and beasts you've killed from the very beginning of your journeys through the vast terrain of Vvardenfell island ;-] "So, how many cliff racers you've killed so far, me friend?" =]

For further details see readme file attached to mod's distribution package.