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Changes the Enchantment of the Staff of Hasedoki to mimic the effects of the same Artifact found in Skyrim.

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Changes the Enchantment of the Staff of Hasedoki from

Cast When Used
Resist Magicka 30−40% for 30 secs on Self


Cast When Strikes
Soultrap for 10 secs on Touch
Damage Agility 15 to 35 pts For 10 secs on Touch
Shield 40 pts for 10 secs on Self

I do not dislike the vanilla enchantment at all I just felt like the skyrim version had a bit more depth, so I tried to make it as similar to the Skyrim Enchantment as I could.

Skyrim Enchantment: 
Soultrap, for 60 Seconds
Knockback, 1.5 points for 5 Seconds
Ward of Hasedoki, 40 Points

I chose Damage Agility as the replacement for Knockback since the similar Stagger/Knock Down effect in Morrowind can be achieved through higher damage output or lower opponent agility. I think it is still balanced although I think the Shield on Self 40 pts could be lower - that said I wanted to create a Skyrimized version of the Staff of Hasedoki without making it too powerful, after all you still have to defeat Koffutto Gilgar in the Gimothran Ancestral Tomb who will be wielding the Item as is in the vanilla game.


For the glowing meshes I used in the screenshots please download 
Glowing Hasedoki Staff at Morrowind Nexus - mods and community (