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An OpenMW compatible version of "Morrowind UI Revamped" thrown together by me, but using assets of other talented modders

Permissions and credits
If you like this theme please go to the original mod pages below and show the author's some support, they created the assets, I merely edited the theme in gimp to the best of my abilities to make a nice modern theme compatible with OpenMW. I did not create the assets, I deserve 0 credit.

- The button frames are from:
- The cursor, journal and pin icons (whilst edited) are from:
- The titlebar, health, magicka and stamina colours (and general aesthetic) are from:

This theme is an OpenMW compatible vanilla+ theme based on the works of all the people mentioned above. I LOVE all of their work, but neither quite fit what I personally was looking for, however all of them are genuinely brilliant mods. I've done my best to fix all the issues I could find caused by how OpenMW handles the UI differently to the original engine.

If I'm asked to take this down I will, I just wanted to offer the personal modification I made as an option for OpenMW users as the UI modification documentation is either nonexistent (I asked personally in the OpenMW discord) or extremely difficult to find. If you like any aspects of this theme, please show the original mod authors love, and not me. I gain 0 from this being uploaded, and I'm profiting in no way.

-Once again, please support the original mod authors, and not me-