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Go on an adventure obtain an amazing armour in a Yokudan style.

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Hammerfell Ansei Warrior Armour

There's a new island with a shipwreck to the north of Ald Velothi. Take the mysterious teleportation amulet near the skeleton and begin your adventure to obtain an amazing armour in a Yokudan style.

- A new armour from Hammerfell (Redguard Porcelain) has been added to the game. It's a powerful light armour created in a Yokudan style.
- A quest and a dungeon that can become player's home.

The island's location on the map:

Ruffin Vangarr: 
Most of this armor was originally created by the now departed Oblivion TR hammerfell team project, I don't know who specifically but if someone tells me I'll add their name to the credits. I altered the base models and textures to both aesthetically and technically fit in Morrowind. I've included screenshots of the original armour made for oblivion in the images. The helmet and sword are all me though.

Thank you to: 
- Melchior Dahrk for creating the helmet textures.
- The TR hammerfell dude(s) who made the original model and texture.  

All of my mods free for anyone to use as a resource for what ever you want and free for anyone to translate and host on other sites, as long as you give credit.

Katya Karrel: dungeon design, quest integration, sky texture
You need to regenerate your distant land in MGE-XE to see the sky inside the dungeon if you're using vanilla engine.
The mod has been cleaned with the Enhanced Editor and Tes3cmd.

The models and textures for the environment were taken from the mod "The Eye of Ariisiss Redux"
by Geonox, MasterSam, OperatorJack, Melchior Dahrk
Credits from the original mod:

- Geonox (Original)
  - original mod design
  - models and textures (template themed items, ESP, etc.)
- Master Sam (2010s update)
  - updating the original mod to fix some asset issues
  - expanding the original mod
- OperatorJack (2022 revamp)
  - major changes to original models and textures: added collisions, simplified geomoetry, cleaned texture paths, 
  merged duplicate geometry, fixed UV tearing, and other technical improvements.
  - created new desert cave tileset to replace existing rock and cave pieces that were..dubious.
  - redesign of the plugin cells to use updated or entirely new assets.
  - integrated OAAB for more diverse asset usage.
  - many other tweaks and change to bring the mod into current standards.
- Melchior Dahrk
  - assisted with finding new and existing assets to repurpose (Fig tree, Shannon's meshes, etc)
  - assisted with design and testing of cells
  - fixed some of the more troublesoom meshes that OJ couldn't handle
  - created the doorjamb and door meshes
  - created the new planter meshes and textures
- Shannon & Parsimonious
  - converted assets from Sims 2 and made them into a modder's resource, "parsimonious meshes by shannon"
  - many of the new flora meshes and textures: lavender

Piratelord: Scarabs
Pumaman: Scorpions
Billyfighter: lightray, glowspores, stardome meshes
TR_Data: glowbugs

The models are a modders free resource but remember to give proper credits.

Thank you Static for upscaling the textures!

Many thanks to Soul-O-Eater for the help with some scripts!

If I've made a mistake of some kind, please let me know and I'll do my best to solve it.

You can keep up to date with me and my workings by following me on 
this terrible website