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A few OpenMW post process shaders

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Requires OpenMW 0.48+

Some shaders I put together for OpenMW while getting more comfortable with GLSL.

For the most up to date versions, grab them from here, since updating mods on the Nexus is annoying

Included Shaders:

BloomPS2: Bloom shader similar to the PS2 era (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) or Oblivion. Purposely low res RT so its shimmery and has a glow around the outer edge of the frame. Has settings to change brightness and threshold, and a skybox mask to lower sky brightness, can also be tinted to different colours. May have some issues with the built in fog when adjusting the sky brightness. Based on:
RT resolution is set to 1/8th res to match the PS2, but this causes heavy shimmer in motion, this can be changed by editing the
'width_ratio' and 'height_ratio' of the render targets.

BloomKawase: Modified version of BloomPS2 which uses a Kawase blur instead, also added more customization settings and dither debanding.

Lens-Flare: Port of, Kind of sucks during the day because of the lack of true HDR rendering, but looks decent at night or inside. Also has a 'Disable Sky' variable that allows you to use it in conjunction with Sun-Flare as the sun instead of trying to wrangle image brightness.

Sun-Flare:Modified version of Lens-Flare that only applies to the sun. Use in combination with Lens-Flare's 'Disable Sky' variable to get a sun flare
while keeping interior flares or separate flare settings

ClampColours: Clamps colour depth to assigned value, was using for debugging, probably not useful.

Dither4x4 / Dither8x8: Ordered Bayer dithering using either a 4x4 or 8x8 matrix texture. Clamps colours and then uses the ordered dithering to reconstruct depth. Not really useful, just a novelty.

QuakeUnderwater: Underwater screen distortion similar to Quake's software renderer. Default settings might be a bit intense but with proper settings it can look quite nice. A port of this Shadertoy:

ValveDither: Valve's screen space dithering, should theoretically improve colour banding but I could never get it to really work. Has ClampColours built in so you can limit colour depth and have it reconstructed with dither, better results than Dither4x4/8x8, but still just a novelty.