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This mod is port/rebuild of Magicka Based Spell Progression in Lua, combined with a universal skill uncapper. Designed for use with (and requiring) NCGDMW Lua Edition.

Permissions and credits
For OpenMW 0.48 or newer.


Everyone who has tried to be a mage in Vanilla Morrowind knows the pain of trying to level magic skills. By default, magic skills progress based on the number of casts; spell magnitude/cost is not factored in anywhere. This discourages the usage of big, expensive spells, and incentivizes the use of 1 Magicka "training" spells. Neither of these things are fun.

While some may argue that you can just "not play that way", it's the way the game mechanics encourage, and future entries in the series have proven that there is a better way.

Enter, Magicka Based Spell Progression, which has existed in one form or another for quite some time (shout out to HotFusion and everyone else who has ported/updated the mod). With MBSP, magic skill progression is based on spell cost. Use a bigger spell, you get more XP. Simple and intuitive. Additionally an optional Magicka refund system (enabled by default) makes high skill levels useful, even for spells that can be cast easily.

Also included is an optional (enabled by default) skill uncapper. All skill levels can go as high as you want. 

Usage & Limitations

Magicka Skill Experience is the vanilla Skill Experience * (Spell Cost / Experience Rate (default is 10)). This means that if your spell costs 10 Magicka, you will be leveling at the default rate. If it costs 20, you will be leveling twice as fast, etc... This multiplier can be configured in the settings. Since, this is a multiple of the Vanilla skill experience, it automatically factors in Major/Minor/Misc skill bonuses/penalties as well as skill specialization bonuses. Note: NCGDMW Lua removes these bonuses/penalties, so you won't see these benefits unless you edit them back in yourself.

Magicka Refund uses the following formula: Spell Cost * SQRT(Skill - Refund Start) * Refund Mult / 100
Refund Start is the skill level at which you start receiving Magicka refunds, this can be configured in the settings, default is 35.
Refund Mult is a configurable value that allows you to tweak the Magicka refund to your liking. Ranges from 1-5, default is 4.

Skill Uncapper applies to all skills, not just Magicka skills. While skills are below the vanilla limit of 100, you shouldn't notice any difference in behavior. You will be able to see skill progress in the default game menus like normal. However, once skills have gone above 99, you will need to use a custom menu hotkey (configurable) to view skill progress. This menu uses the same format as the NCGDMW Lua decay progress menu.

This mod hard requires Natural Character Growth and Decay Morrowind Lua Edition. It will theoretically be possible to make a standalone version that is compatible with Vanilla Morrowind leveling or other leveling mods in the future. However, OpenMW Lua currently does not allow for editing a character's Level Progress, which makes that currently impossible.

-OpenMW 0.48+
-NCGDMW Lua Edition


Extract the files to a directory of your choice, then ensure that the directory is set up in the Data Paths section of your openmw.cfg.
Also ensure that MBSP_Uncapper.omwscripts is enabled in the content section of your openmw.cfg.

If you've done everything correctly, there will be a new settings menu in your script settings in game.

You should be able to add this mod to an existing save.