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Pelagiad Minuet Cottage
By DimNussens

Version: 1

Requires: OAAB_Data


1.1: Changed it so reading the note adds the key to Mebestian's inventory, to ensure he will sell it.


Minuet Cottage is, very simply, a move-in ready tiny house cottage for sale in Pelagiad. It's pretty tiny. That's...that's really it, you know?

To purchase the house, first read the note on the door, and then barter with Mebastien Ence in Pelagiad for the key, as it's being sold as any miscellaneous item.

Be careful with that key, by the way; the front door is scripted in such a way as to only open with the purchased key, and then it swaps that key for one without value once the door is unlocked for good.

It really is just a simple house mod. However, I also consider this to be a playable modder's resource. I created a handful of new assets for this -- or rather, I created the assets first as practice, and the mod happened by accident. The pieces are small, but scale pretty well. I'm absolutely still learning to model, but I'm pleased enough with these to publish them. Everything uses vanilla textures and so should be affected by your texture packs and/or normal maps.


I know first-hand that it works with BCOM. There's a couple saplings from OAAB saplings that may or may not irk you, but they are easily disabled.

Unknown compatibility in regards to Rebirth.


Unzip in your Data Folder or use your prefered mod installer.


Thanks to Voig, Juidius, Amalie, SnakeSkull for advice and testing, as well as the Morrowind Mod Community Discord as a whole. Sorry for spamming #Modmaking!


The models in this archive are free to use however you please, without worrying about credit. The models use vanilla texture paths.

You can contact me under the username DimNussens on the Morrowind Modding Community Discord server, or through the same username on Nexus Mods.