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Carefully tweaked values to increase speed and carry weight. Fatigue-management overhauled. No more quickly burning through stamina while running, but fatigue is still a factor.

Permissions and credits
This mod exists because the other solutions don't fit my playstyle:
  • Some of them cause combat to be hectic, because every character runs around with lightspeed (especially STR-builds)
  • Other mods nullify fatigue, causing the bar to never drop down from 99-100%
  • While another mod shifts the balance of attacks too much towards quick spam-attacks

My goal:
  • Higher movement speed without being ridiculous
  • Lower fatigue cost when running, based around recovery values (= a slight recovery while running in most scenarios, unless heavily encumbered with low endurance)
  • Slower fatigue recovery
  • Increased carry weight
  • More fatigue cost for long swings, without making them totally inefficient

Run - Speed:
Running is now quite a bit (~10-20%) faster than Vanilla, but encumberance has a slightly bigger impact on the speed.
Example: A fully/99% encumbered character is as fast as a naked vanilla character used to be - just to get an idea.

Run - Fatigue:
Vanilla: Around 5.5 - 6.8 fatigue per second, depending on encumberance level
Tweaked: Around 2.0 - 2.4 fatigue per second, depending on encumberance
As a bonus, swimming fast now costs 3 instead of 7 fatigue. Because underwater is annoying enough to begin with...

Fatigue - Recovery:
Vanilla: Around 3.0 - 4.5 recovery per second (based on endurance)
Tweaked: Around 2.3 - 3.3 recovery per second (based on endurance)
In conclusion, you will almost always recover slightly more fatigue than you are consuming while running. But running still makes a difference in combat and it takes some time to fully recover without consumables.

Carry - Weight:
Increased from 5 to 10 per STR

Attack - Cost:
Example with a 15 weight weapon
Vanilla - Quick-Swing: ~2.4 fatigue
Vanilla - Full-Swing: ~5.75 fatigue
Tweaked - Quick-Swing: ~2.1 fatigue
Tweaked - Full-Swing: ~7.5 fatigue
Considering that a full-swing can easily do 3-6 times the damage, depending on weapon and actual swing-length, it is way too efficient in vanilla to full-swing all day with all but the most heavy weapons.

´╗┐Changed values:
fWeaponFatigueMult: 0.4 (from 0.25)
fFatigueRunMult: 0.6 (from 2)
fFatigueRunBase: 1.85 (from 5)
fFatigueReturnMult: 0.013 (from 0.02)
fFatigueReturnBase: 2 (from 2.5)
fFatigueAttackBase: 1.5 (from 2)
fBaseRunMultiplier: 1.95 (from 1.75)
fEncumberedMoveEffect: 0.25 (from 0.3)
fEncumbranceStrMult: 10 (from 5)
fJumpEncumbranceBase: 0.35 (from 0.5)
fFatigueSwimRunBase: 3 (from 7)
fFatigueSwimWalkBase: 2 (from 2.5)

Not compatible with:
  • CarryOn
  • CarryOnTweaks
  • Better Fatigue Usage
  • Speed And Stamina
  • ...
because they basically change the same values around and would just overwrite eachother
But special thanks to the authors of those mods. They documented the Game Setting changes very well!

Very compatible with Starwind! (just saying because that's what I'm currently playing)

This mod should also work with original Morrowind if you rename the file to .esp