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Reshade preset for OpenMW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Permissions and credits

This is reshade preset modified by me for OpenMW engine. It was created originaly by sneezes for Elder Scrolls Online.

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1. Download (find on your SSD location where openmw.exe is located and install reshade there),
2. In Reshade Menu choose to downlad: qUINT by Marty McFly shaders,
3. Next step would be pasting my preset to location where OPENMW is installed and overwriting everything with it,
4. While in game press "Home" button on keyboard and select "Reshade.ini" preset and apply.
5. it is done, now everything is new :)

To toggle reshade on and off use "DEL" button while in game.

I hope You like it, please leave feedback.

Credits to sneezes :)

Best wishes

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