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Vanilla-style stairs from Waistworks to Plazas for cantons of Vivec.

Permissions and credits
Vivec. Stairsto Plazas
by Mark K.Marcell
v. 1.0 2023−04

Original Vivec Waistworks contain 4 stairs leading to Canals and 0 leading to Plazas. This mod makes 2* stairs lead to Plazas for you don’t need to go outside every time travelling between levels. I tried to make this mod as vanilla-look as possible (except for door markers – their orientation is more player-friendly than it is typically for Morrowind).

* Telvanni canton has 1. Those suspicious wizards walled up one stairway.

P.S. This mod is devoted to myself from 2004 waiting ages for old Pentium III to load exterior cell. I also still hate to walk into thunderstorm every time coming back to Jobasha’s shop from Mages Guild.


Copy *.esp to Data Files, enable in launcher.

========Supported Languages

======== Compatibility
Any major Vivec interior overhaul, open plazas and all that stuff will need a separate patch.

======== Miscellaneous
All images are made with Morrowind [Fullrest Repack] v.4