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No more junky floaty first-person combat animations.
A mix of new, altered vanilla, and adjusted MCAR animations.

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NOTE: Casting animations in the video are from the MCAR mod. ReAnimations doesn't change casting animations.


This mod attempts to fix all of the junkiness of first-person combat animations by either remaking some of the animations from scratch, altering vanilla ones, or using and adjusting MCAR animations. 

What was changed?

1-handed, 2-handed, and spellcasting running animations are affected. 1-handed pose is changed to face the camera more, so you can finally see the detail of the weapon you are wielding. Slashes and thrusts feel quicker and more visceral, they don't awkwardly stop midway anymore. Slash/chop animation durations are unaffected - so this will not affect the overall game balance. Thrust durations are tweaked to make them similar to the chop/slash animation durations.

A slight ViewModel bob (not a camera bob!) is added to add some motion to held attacks while running.

Incorporates MCAR casting idle and adds a slight walk cycle bob to it.



- Use Morrowind Mod Organiser or copy archive contents into your Data Files folder.
- Enjoy.

OpenMW version should "Just Work" with any other animation mods that change 1st person animations.
If the mod doesn't work - ensure that OpenMW launcher: Advanced -> Visuals -> "Use additional animation sources" is checked (it is by default).

I highly recommend to use this together with Animation Blending version of OpenMW, it will make the experience extra smooth.

NOTE #1: In Morrowind Mod Organiser you might see a dialog box with a "The contents of <data files> does not look valid" error, this is fine and expected, Mod Organiser is just not aware of how additional animations work in OpenMW, you can safely press OK without changing anything.

NOTE #2: If you have OpenMW launcher: Advanced -> Game Mechanics -> "Head bobbing in 1st person mode" checked - it might alter the look of the walk cycle animation, it's not too bad, but the mod was developed assuming that setting unchecked.

Vanilla (i.e non-OpenMW) Morrowind:

- Use Morrowind Mod Organiser or copy archive contents into your Data Files folder.
- Enjoy.

By default, this mod will override any other 1st-person animation mod previously installed (it's just the nature of how Morrowind animations are stored).
BUT you can still mix other 1st-person animation mods with this one (e.g ReAnimations + MCAR) using the Animation Kit. It's not extremely intuitive but not super hard either, see broad-stroke instructions below.

NOTE ON VANILLA ISSUES: unfortunately there's some pop-in between some move and idle animations in the vanilla versions. This seems to be caused by AnimKit not liking how I treated the spine bones (I used AnimKit to create the vanilla version).
Recently there were some developments in vanilla animation modding tech, this issue might become obsolete eventually, when that happens - I'll update the description.
Alternatively, use OpenMW, it runs perfectly there :)


Any mod changing Morrowind animations contains .kf files - those are the animation files, in case of 1st person animations - it's an xbase_anim.1st.kf, ALL of the 1st-person animations are contained within that file, that's why installing animation mod is all-or-nothing. BUT the animation kit allows to separate that big file into small animation files representing each individual animation. After that it's possible to create a mixture of animation files from different mods and pack them all back up into xbase_anim.1st.kf. 

To do so:

1. Download and install the  Animation Kit
2. Download the OpenMW version of ReAnimations and all the other 1st-person animation mods you want to mix with it
3. Use split_kf.exe from the animation kit to split xbase_anim.1st.kf from all of the mods (dragging xbase_anim.1st.kf onto split_kf.exe is the easiest way)
4. Now you have multiple folders with split animations, each animation in animationname;.kf format. Create whatever mixtures of those files you desire. For example, if you want to create a ReAnimations + MCAR animation file - just copy all of the split ReAnimations files into MCAR split animations replacing all of the matching files. 
5. Use merge_kf.exe to merge your mixed animations folder back into single big .kf file (you can just drage the folder onto merge_kf.exe). Note - the merged kf file will be created within your mixed animations folder in a "merged" subdirectory.
6. Rename the big merged .kf file into xbase_anim.1st.kf - now you finally have a file that the game can understand
7. Either drop it into Data Files/Meshes or, for easier management, archive it in the same fashion as ReAnimations vanilla Morrowind mod is archived and install it using the mod manager
8. Be proud of yourself!