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Picture this: You are in a middle of a fight, swinging a bound longsword, when suddenly it vanishes right from your hand. The cast time is up, and because you had no idea how much time you had left, you're now defenseless against your opponnents!
Frustrating, isn't it?
This mod intends to give you a visual idea of how much time you stil

Permissions and credits
Effect Timers - MWSE

What does it do:

->This mod intends to give you a visual idea of how much time you have left.

->A countdown fillbar will appear when you cast a spell containing a valid effect.

->The fillbar will turn red when you'll start running out of time. (< 10 seconds) 

-> The MCM allows you to configure many options: The menu position, it's transparency, the effects you want this mod to manage...

How to:

-> There's nothing to do, except configuring the MCM.


-> Merge the "Data Files" folder inside the 7z archive with your own in Morrowind Folder (Or even better, use a mod organizer to do everything automatically for you).


-> Not compatible with OpenMW.



Known Issues:

-> None (for now at least)


- MMC and the MWSE team for their work.


-> This mod is part of my series of "Bringing OpenMW stuff into MWSE". If you're interested, you can check out the other mods of the series :

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