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Moves the Ebonheart Imperial Cult Chapel to the south wall just south of the Six Fishes tavern.

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Ebonheart Accessible Imperial Chapel
Author: Denina
Version 1.1
Requirements: Tribunal and Bloodmoon

About: I always thought the Imperial Chapel's location was unrealistic and terribly inconvenient, especially when you need a cure. One also shouldn't have to go through the Duke's castle to get to them. That would be a major security risk to the Duke (not that the game ever took that into consideration). So, this is an attempt to move it somewhere more convenient without messing with the landscape.
This moves the Imperial Chapel to the south wall of Ebonheart near the Six Fishes tavern. The interior is unchanged. The area where the Imperial Chapel used to be is now a place for the Legionnaires to spar and hit targets.

Open MW: Yes!
Beautiful Cities of Morrowind: No.
Morrowind Rebirth: Pretty sure it's not, but if I'm wrong, please let me know.
Ebonheart Imperial Chapels Redo: Yes. Load order doesn't matter, it should work fine either way.

Known bugs: There's some static that shows on the southwest corner of the exterior wall around the Duke's castle. I tried to minimize this but at certain angles, it's still going to be obvious. Exterior building is not my forte, but I feel like I did the best I could with what I know.

Credit: Thanks to Cyprinus for checking on compatibility with BCOM for me.

Version 1.1: Removed a sprig of grass growing on the sidewalk.

Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/50062
Discord: Shayna#7369 (but I'm known as Denina in some of the Morrowind-related Discords).
Email: [email protected] - Please put the mod name or Morrowind in the subject line so I don't delete with the spam.