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Guess what - it's a mesh replacer for atronachs!

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All Screenshots show the Creature VFX restoration versions, the HD particles, and the shiny ice Frost Atronach! The "vanilla" versions don't have the flame, frost and lightning particles, obviously.


This is a mesh replacer for the three atronach creatures featuring smoothed and more detailed models, improved UVs and a couple of fixes.

- Frost Atronach with shiny ice effect
- compatible meshes for Creature VFX restoration by rotat. Just overwrite his meshes with mine (there is also a compatible "shiny ice" version of the Frost Atronach
- HD particles (for Creature VFX restoration): 512x512 textures for the flame, frost, and storm particles. Without Creature VFX restoration, you won't see them on enemies, only on summoned creatures.

Use a mod manager like Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2 to install the parts you want or manually extract them into your Data Files folder (not recommended).

Best use a mod manager to uninstall, otherwise delete the files that you installed. This mod won't affect your save games in any way.

This can be used in any way, provided it's within Morrowind, of course.

v1.0: Original Release

Greatness7 for his amazing Blender plugin, which made this so much easier
rotat for Creature VFX restoration