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Restores visual effects on creatures.

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Restores particle effects on creatures.

Did you think Kwama foragers were meant to attack by wiggling at you? No, they spit. But most creature particle effects weren't displayed for technical reasons. Some of the more noticeable fixes are for bodies that disappear on death, like Dremora or Ghosts, or steam effects for Dwemer constructs.


-- DEATH EFFECTS: Ancestor Ghost, Ascended Sleeper, Bonelord, Dremora, Dwarven Spectre
-- STEAM: Centurion Archer, Centurion Sphere, Steam Centurion, Yagrum Bagarn
-- ATTACK EFFECTS: Flame Atronach, Frost Atronach, Kwama Forager
-- VARIOUS: Lesser Bonewalker, Dagoth Ur, more fixes for Dremora, Flame Atronach


As of 0.46 OpenMW shows most of those effects with vanilla files already, but some fixes still require edited files, like atronach body flames that regularly stopped instead of stopping on death.


This is a pluginless replacer with fixed vanilla models. Texture replacers that don't edit meshes are compatible, mesh replacers will be overwritten.
Readme includes a guide on how to enable particle effects on your own files with NifSkope.