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Cannon's Loot Redistributor
By ArchcanonCannon

Version: 1.2

1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Removal
6. Credits

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon

This mod started as an attempt at my own version of mortimermcmire's "One of a Kind - Daedric Weapons Armor and Shields" and kind of snowballed from there.

-Part of Morrowind May Modathon 2022-

-Aside from doing what aforementioned mod does already, this one heavily rebalances the loot distribution of Morrowind, the foremost effect being making high-end (like Glass and Ebony) and low-end equipment (like fur) more rare, whilst making medium-range equipment (like dreugh) more common. Thus, the notorious occurrence of being stuck with the same gear from level 15 to 50 is significantly more reduced. With this mod you'll be running into worthwhile pieces for much longer (at least, that's the idea).

-Adds many unique items and artifacts that appeared in other TES games or in lore, such as:
Kahvozein's Fang
Sanguine's Rose
Staff of the Everscamp
Skull of Corruption
Hrormir's Icestaff
Blade of Woe
Rueful Axe
Axe of Hatred
Dremora weapons and armor
Ring of Nullification
Eleidon's Edge
Nightweaver's Band
Sorcerer's Ring
Robe of Master Artisan
Ring of Wortcraft
Ring of Transmutation
Councilor's Belt
Gloves of Midnight
Namira's Ring
Visage of Mzund
Helm of Ferocity
Mirror Shield
Shield of Solitude
Battlemage Cuirass
Greaves of the Witchhunter
Cursed Wavestride Boots
Tower of the Nine
Predator's Grace
Aegis of Apocalypse
Helm of Deep Delver
Boots of Bloody Bounding
Arch-Mage Boots

In addition, I added a few items of my own design, such as:
Saint Nerevar's ceremonial armor and weapons
Fake versions of Wraithguard and Keening
Adamantium shield and towershield
Ash Storm Mask
Helmet of Zurin Arctus
Whirlwind Shield
Bardic Vest
Imperial Skirt
Champion's Fortune
Paladin's Mace
Blade of Whispers
Dorach Gusal's Caliper
Doorjam and Locksplitter darts

-Some items in the base lacked enchantments, those have been restored/added in:
Auriel's Bow and Shield
Snow Prince Armor and Spear
-Generic weapons with shock and frost enchantments (e.g. sparkskewer, shardaxe) have been fixed. Originally, their enchantments have been swapped or not present at all.
-All Imperial Cuirass variants now count as legion uniform
-Chain Pauldrons are now medium armor

-Some items have been rebalanced/modified to be more useful/interesting/lore-accurate:
spells and items using Light effect are now On Self rather than On Target
Bear and Wolf armors are now actually decent
Dark Brotherhood armor is now Shrouded Armor
Ice armor and weapons are now Stalhrim armor and weapons
Ancient Steel armor is now Ancient Falmer armor
Heavy Leather and Nordic Bearskin are now Colovian
Royal Guard Armor is now Ra'Athim Armor
Stendarr's Hammer is now functionally usable
Holy, Light and Feather Shield's appearance now match their stats

-Some cut (or otherwise virtually unfindable) items are now in-game
Anora's Club
Huntsman weapons from Bloodmoon
Namira's Ring
Axe of the Queen of Bats
Herder's Crook
Staff of Llevule
Azura's Star weapon
Fenrick's Doorjam Ring
Recall Ring
Slippers of Doom
Secret Master tools and Apparati
Jar of Grease
Indoril Greaves
Adamantium shield and towershield
Imperial Chain gauntlets
Nordic Silver Spear
Stalhrim Shortsword
Stalhrim Spear
Wooden Crossbow
Dwarven, Iron, Steel and Daedric Longspears. As a consequence, there is no more Dwarven Halberd, it's been changed into Dwarven Staff.

-Tons of NPCs and locations have had their loot/equipment hand-picked to add flavor and character

-Guard equipment will now vary thus adding some more visual flourish

-If you manage to Save Tarhiel, He will teach you Icarian Flight spell, introducing a way to obtain Fortify Skill spell effect outside of Solstheim or Mournhold.

A)There is NO new meshes or textures in this mod. I'm no artist.
B)Everything in this mod is subject to change, anytime.

Modify my mod, but credit me as the original creator

-Drop the ACLR.esp file into your Morrowind/Data Files Directory
-Tick the checkbox next to ACLR.esp in your mod manager of choice
-Merge your Levelled Lists (I recommend MLOX or TES3cmd)

-Untick the checkbox next to ACLR.esp file in your mod manager of choice
-Remove said file from your Morrowind/Data Files Directory
-Merge your Levelled Lists

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.