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  1. SiriusBeesnas
    • supporter
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    Awesome mod, thanks for sharing it! It works fine with summoned critters, but it looks like it has issues with Julan Ashlander Companion (the only humanoid companion I have hired so far); his health bar disappears and reappears every time I go from an interior cell to an exterior cell and vice-versa like it resets or something. I imagine it has to do with how Julan's companion script works since it's an older mod. I just wanted to do give a heads up in case someone else notices it.

    EDIT: It looks like the issue occurs with every companion (or indeed any NPC that follows me, including guards who detect me while sneaking when using the More Attentive Guards mod); and it's even more noticeable after I decided to move my map to the top right of the HUD using Seph's HUD Customizer, the gauges overlap on top of the map even if I had previously moved them with the HUD Customizer menu.
    1. catch22atplay
      • member
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      I had the exact same issue. I to prefer minimap upper right corner. I like my companions to be in upper left corner.

      You can solve the companion health bar position by hitting the console key"`" the Tilde key then you can left click select hold and drag the companion health bars and move them where you want.

      Details for this mod says "You can also customize the menu position with Seph's HUD customizer." For some reason when using Septh's hud customizer to reposition companion health bars it only works temporarily. It resets to default upper right corner at game loads or loads into a different area. I'd assume this mod overrides Septh's mod for positioning and it was only assumed that Septh's would work for positioning. Oddly you still need to enable Companion health bars in Septh's mod to even show the bars. So just use the above method for a permanent fix.
    2. SomeCallMeTim2020
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      Thank you catch22atplay. I am also a Seph's HUD customizer user. It won't save the position when collaborating with that mod, as if More Detailed Companion is overriding it. Unfortunately, the built in drag/drop method cannot get the HUD to every precise position on the screen the same as Seph's can. Specifically, the edges of the screen. Maybe owner can address the issue of it not working harmoniously with Seph's. 
    3. Spammer21
      • premium
      • 45 kudos