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About this mod

Adds a timeloop mechanic that carries over stats and spells, but resets items and journal entries.

Repeats every 24 hours or on player death.

Permissions and credits

What is it?

  • 24 hour timeloop
  • Player death timeloop
  • Cumulative stats
  • Cumulative skills
  • Cumulative spells
  • Elder Scroll companion
  • Loop counter on stats window
  • Ends when the Heart of Lorkhan is destroyed

Planned Features
  • Cumulative items
  • How does it work?
  • When the player dies or 24 in-game hours have passed, a previous save will be loaded.
  • Wait, so what happens to my progress?
  • Your level, stats, skills, and spells will be carried over. But any items you had will be lost. Topics you learned will also be kept, but quest progress and journal entries will not.
  • What's the point?
  • Speedrunners have gotten the game completion down to about 6 minutes without glitches, and the game is 20 years old now.So I wanted to create a mod that added a "new" form of replayability, without being too restrictive.

How do I use it?
Start a new game. The Elder Scroll can be found behind the limeware platter in the Census Office.
  • PikachunoTM for the Elder Scroll model.
  • tewlwolow for the timeloop musical sting.