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Adds sunflowers to Morrowind, to the Ascadian Isles Region. All the Donation Points earned from this mod will support Ukraine in their struggle against their Russian invaders.

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This mod adds sunflowers to Morrowind, scattered around in the Ascadian Isles Region. You will find entire fields of them, as well as individual ones here and there. There are altogether 120 sunflowers, I've tried to strike a balance between making their presence significant enough to be noticed and it not being over the top. (And also modifying as few cells as possible for the sake of compatibility.) They are containers, and they drop sunflower seeds when harvested. I believe that they fit the aesthetics of the Ascadian Isles Region, and it's a nice addition to the game.

The mod is compatible with Graphic Herbalism, so you can actually visibly harvest the sunflower seeds now!

As you know, the sunflower is the national symbol of Ukraine. This mod is a way of supporting the Ukrainian people in their war against their Russian invaders. 100% of the donation points earned from this mod will go towards Nexus' fundraiser for the Ukraine Relief Effort. So even if you don't want sunflowers in Morrowind, but you agree with this cause, and you want a quick way to help the Ukrainian people that wouldn't cost you anything, you can download this mod.

If the war ends and/or Nexus stops the fundraiser for whatever reason, 50% of the Donation Points will go to the International Red Cross, and the other 50% will go to Doctors Without Borders, both are organizations that provide humanitarian and medical aid in war-torn areas of the world. Whatever happens, the Donation Points I'm going to personally see from this will be zero, it will all go towards good causes.

Q: But I'm a Neo-Nazi/Tankie useful idiot of Vladimir Putin and this mod triggers me!!!!!4444

A: Good.

(Comments are disabled, I'm not interested in why it is right that Ukrainian children in this moment are hiding in a cellar somewhere, frozen from shock, being scared of Russian bombs, while their parents are trying to light a candle to at least have some light - they don't even have electricity anymore, thanks to the Russian invaders, you know. Anyone who harasses me in PM will be blocked and reported. Freedom of speech? You can have it, when Russia demonstrates any willingness to respect it.)

Q: How can I help Ukraine besides downloading your mod?

A: I can provide a general answer to that. This and this website provides information about the war in Ukraine, as well as a list of charities that you can donate to. If you're a modder yourself, I also encourage you to check out Nexus' fundraiser and dedicate your Donation Points towards this cause. I already gave all the Donation Points I received this month to the Ukraine Relief Effort, and I plan to do it for as long as this war goes on and/or Nexus allows us to give Donation Points to this cause.

Otherwise, if your country has any Ukrainian refugees, ask the local charities how you can lend a hand, and what they need. You can also join protests and movements in your country that aim to influence your leaders to take a stand.


Kagz Flowers by Kagz for the sunflower resource.

Draconik for improving Kagz's sunflower mesh and making it Graphic Herbalism compatible.

Qwertyquit for improving Kagz's sunflower texture. They are a Ukrainian person, if you want to help them, or just say a couple of nice words to them, please check out their profile!

Rats for the sunflower seeds resource.