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Completely overhauls character progression with a new XP system, perks, and new level up UI

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Kirbonated Character Progression
is a large scale character progression overhaul that makes a number of key changes to morrowind's gameplay in order to solve some balancing issues and make the general gameplay more engaging:
  • Reduced Micromanagement - No longer will you have to painstakingly micromanage your level ups to get optimal results. Attribute gain is now completely independent from skill gain, allowing you to prioritize whichever skills you want without worrying about build optimization. In addition, the mod adds it's own state-based health solution, meaning you don't need to frontload your endurance increases anymore
  • Point Buy Character Creation - You are no longer limited by your race when determining the starting values of your character attributes, and instead can allocate stats using a point buy system. Now you can play a strong, tanky elf, or a suave, charismatic argonian, no problem.
  • Redesigned Reward Structure - This mod employs a more traditional XP system, granting you xp rewards from completing quests, defeating difficult boss monsters, and discovering new locations. This means you'll spend less time spamming spells in the corner of the mages' guild and more time in the fun parts of the game
  • Perk System - this mod employs a perk system with a host of interop functions and custom UI elements.
  • Fully Configurable - Every aspect of this mod can be configured in the mods MCM menu, from tweaking skill-point gains to toggling certain features, such as the XP system and the Perk system
Kirbonated Character Progression is Designed with interoperability and compatibility in mind, but there are still some mods that are directly incompatible:
  • Major Progression overhauls like GCC, CCCP, and MULE are not compatible with KCP. Those mods implement features that directly conflict with mine
  • Ashfall causes issues if you use ashfall's needs system and turn off the resting requirement for levelling. This is due to how Ashfall detects when your levelling up and there isn't much I can do to remedy this. The result is that your statistics won't be correct in the levelup menu, or in the statReview menu (where you allocate your stats in the beginning of the game). The only way to avoid this is to either play with the rest requirement for levelling and just turn off needs during chargen or to turn off ashfall needs completely. otherwise there is no other known compatibility issues.
  • Birthsign, race, and class overhauls are fully compatible, and encouraged to be used with KCP
  • State Based-Health mods should not be used with KCP, KCP implements its own State-Based Health solution
  • Magicka Regen mods should be fully compatible with KCP
  • Skills Module is compatible with KCP, but will not be effected by my changes to the skill system

KCP requires the latest version of MWSE-LUA, which can be acquired by running the MWSE-Update.exe included in MGE XE. KCP is not compatible with OpenMW, and I currently don't have plans to port it over.

KCP Also requires MWSE Perk Framework.