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advanced water physics, simple mod

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Water current markers
Proof of concept alpha release


Alpha 3 release notes:

-Now works in all active cells
-Updated marker models
-implemented fade in/out for realism and ability to overlap markers for continuous flow if desired

Special thanks to R-Zero and Melichoir Dahrk for feedback and brainstorming

Still no test plugin yet, its almost ready for official release

Alpha 2 release notes:

-Now works by marker rotation
-removed all but 2 meshes
-speed no longer affected by fps

Credit for revolutionary update go to:

Urm - refactored my original code into something reasonable
Sephumbra - provided directional and time factor code

i took Urm's amazing refactor and combined it with Sephumbras brilliant snippet and somehow it just works. Praise Todd.

sorry no demo esp for this version, youll have to make one yourself :P

Stay tuned for the next round of feature creep ;)

Alpha 1 release notes:

Under water current made by placing markers in the Construction Set and running a simple mwse lua script.

Lua script detects swimming actors within range of CS markers and moves them in a hard coded direction and speed depending on marker.

So now swimming against the current is slower and with it is faster, and sitting still will drift.

Script is limited to player cell, so it's best not to place markers on cell borders.

While it works well enough it's not ideal.

Top of the wishlist is to do away with all the different direction markers and instead use a single marker and script the direction of movement based on its orientation.
I'm sure theres some math that can do that, math can do anything, unfortunately I can't do that math lol.

And theres other little details that could be ironed out, like corpses not being affected and whatnot. But this is a very primitive script it's basically a cave drawing.

Test plugin covers area around seyda neen and the cave Addamasartus