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Add's Medallions to game world the Medallions provide attribute and skill boosts and also come with nice spells to help

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The Medallions are located around Morrowind they can be found in locations consistent to who the medallion represents
When you find a medallion and add it to your inventory you will also get 2 displays one for vertical placement and 1 for horizontal placement
The displays are not required to get the perks, only the medallion, if your not going to display them just sell them.

The  attribute and or skill boost, plus a spell consistent with who the represent
The Perks can help the lower level players, but the spells are a bit powerful considering

NOT required but recommend using Perfect Placement by Hrnchamd for the Displays:
Not required but recommend using  Bag of Holding by The Wanderer to carry displays:
The Medallions are:

Almalexia, Azura, Boethiah, Corprus, Dagon, Dagoth Ur, Dwemer, Fire Atronach, Frost Atronach, Hircine, Karstaag, Lich, Malacath, MolagBal, Mephala
Nerevar, Ogrim Sheogoath, Storm Atronach, Vivec 

There is a detail location in the read me if your inclined to just get them,  but what fun is that !