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A simple MWSE mod that adds more information and decorations to inventory item tiles for quicker item management and discovery.

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This mod adds borders, backgrounds and effect icons to inventory tiles.
This applies to the regular inventory screen, as well as containers and merchants.
Effect icons on various items are shown in the corner of the tile and use the first effect of the enchantment/potion effects as their icon.
Inventory management and item discovery can be a lot quicker if adjusted to your tastes.
All features are optional and can be toggled or customized.


OpenMW: Not Compatible
Greatness7's Poison Crafting: You need to adjust effect icon positions if you want to use both together.


You can show or hide individual item tile borders.
You can show or hide item tile backgrounds. Hiding these will color the item tile border instead for equipped/bartered items.
You can show or hide effect icons for equippable/enchanted/potion items individually.
You can configure the style, size and position of effect icons.
You can configure the size, color and alpha of tile borders.
You can configure the transparency of tile backgrounds.
You can configure the color of equipped/bartered indicators.
You can disable vanilla equipped/magic indicators in inventory screens.
If you want to completely remove vanilla equipped/magic indicators everywhere I suggest a blank texture replacer for those.
I provided such a replacer as an optional file. Be sure to backup the textures that file replaces if you want to restore them.


Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Be sure to attach your mwse.log if you report a bug.


To Danae for picking it as mod of the week: