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A simple MWSE mod that adds more detailed health, magicka and fatigue bars to any npc or creature you look at.

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This mod adds Vanilla or Skyrim-Styled health, magicka and fatigue bars to your HUD when looking at a creature or npc.
The health bar changes color if the targeted actor is in combat with you.
Alternate color schemes/styles and optional numbers inside bars are available.


OpenMW: Not Compatible


You can choose between all bars being visible or only the health bar being visible.
You can choose if you want the health bar to change color when the target becomes hostile.
You can set the position of the bars freely. They default to being centered at the top of the screen.
You can choose if you want visible values inside your bars or not.
You can select different color schemes for the bar frames.
You can make the bars invisible for non-hostile actors and show the vanilla menu for those instead.
You are able to hide the bar decorations for a truly vanilla look.
You can freely scale the length and thickness of the bars. This might look iffy when used with bar decorations.
You can change the color of the bars.
You can change the layout of the bars to be either more compact or have all bars shown underneath each other.


Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Be sure to attach your mwse.log if you report a bug.


To Darkelfguy for showcasing this mod:

To Danae for picking it as mod of the week: