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Atmospheric and lore friendly inclusion of shrines on Solstheim.

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Summary:  Inclusion of Shrines on Solstheim in a lore friendly way with their own unique blessings that fit the vision of what Solstheim is meant to be

What this does:
This mod adds 6 new "offering shrines" to Solstheim that if one dose of holly is given will grant players one of four options:
- Cure Disease
- Restore Attributes
- Track the Land
- Endure the Cold

As the Shrines are part of the native Skaal Culture and dedicated to the All-Maker and the land players will need to unlock them first via doing the MainQuest up to a certain point
A small line of dialogue is added to help explain how the shrines work to Korst

A small patch is included for those who'd rather not do this and have the shrines avaliable from the minute they hit the island. Please load alongside the main .esp  and after it.

Blight is not handled as that's a filthy unnatural disease and how that get on the island: Hint Hint:
Ashes and Ice
From Ash To Frost

I was recently playing Bloomoon and kept noting how often got diseases and getting annoyed had to run all the way back to Frostmoth to cure.
I thought this be a nice lore friendly way to resolve that issue whilst also granting other effects to help with the traversing the island and mastering it angle.

Potential Areas To Expand:
- Create patches with TOTSP and Solstheim Overhaul 
- Make it so if player has mtrByTheDivines installed and have selected All-Maker as thier god they can use the Shrines straight away as they already are connected with the land.
- Add an alternate quest to unlock the shrines.
-  Make a custom shrine model

How to Install:
Simply install the esp . ESP's have been cleaned.
If you want to have the shrines avaliable without doing the MQ to unlock them then click and load  AllMakersBlessingNoMQPatch.esp alongside the main.esp and after it
Any issues let us know and will correct