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If you've ever wanted to be able to feed Morrowind's diverse array of critters rather than having to murder them, this is the mod for you. Feedbag is for the pacifist animal-lovers. (Especially those with a Kirkbride-esque appreciation of big bugs.)

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.-=~=-.                                                .-=~=-.
(__  _)-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-.__.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-(__  _)
( _ __)                                                ( _ __)
(__  _)               Feed the Beasties,               (__  _)
(_ ___}         Earn Your Doolittle Doctorate!         (_ ___}
(__  _)                                                (__  _)
(_ ___)-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-=-.__.-=-._.-=-._.-=-._.-(_ ___)
`-._.-'                                                `-._.-'

.o0o. Description .o0o.

It'd be nice if we could admire the ecologies of Vvardenfell without having to decimate them, and that's precisely what this mod was about. It was inspired by RedFurryDemon's Feed the Animals mod, but it takes the concept further.

Here are the features!

.o0o. Features .o0o.

> Feeding

Approach an animal (in combat or not, it matters not) and hit the configurable feed key. A menu pops up showing you a list of what you've got that's applicable to their diet. After a configurable number of feedings, they will become disinclined to fight or flee. Well, unless you strike them, that is, at that point you're back to square one.

> Gains

Feedbag can grant a small amount of skill experience if you've managed to successfully feed an animal to the point of being sated.

> Exit Combat

The mod can also force animals out of combat once they've had their fill, too. (You can also sneak up on them to feed them if you can manage that without triggering combat.) There's code in place aswell to ensure that if an animal is supposed to have been placated, they won't leap into combat again.

> Diets

Animals have diets now and these diets are balanced around the ingredients you can find in the base game and its expansions. If you don't like these diets, you can change them within the mod's files fairly easily.

> Configurable

Almost every facet of the mod can be configured to your liking, too. Even the feedback messages.

> Modular

If you don't like a feature? You can delete it. No, really. You can head into the modules folder and just delete it.

.o0o. Installation and Uninstallation .o0o.

I recommend the use of Mod Organizer for all mods as it's an absolute doddle to install and uninstall mods that way.

You can also drop these files into your DAta Files directory if you like. That'll work just fine. If you want to remove it at some later date, head into the MWSE folder, then into the mods folder, and delete the Feedbag folder therein.

.o0o. Compatibility .o0o.

Feedbag is a lua mod, which means it can be dropped in or removed at any time with no worries of breaking your save, it's been designed to be compatible with everything you use so it won't cause you any issues (lua mods are good about this).

No worries, no muss, no fuss, no esp files to merge, no load order or leveled lists to have to worry about. Set and forget.