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Adds a beautiful estate in its own interior cells. From Balmora, head north along the road. Before you get to the bridge, look left and down. There's a rowboat in the water. Activate it to get there. Now compatibility with Cloud Storage by the Wanderer.

Permissions and credits

This adds a large estate in its own interior cells. To access, go to the north wall entrance of Balmora. Follow the road north of Balmora until you reach the bridge. Before you get on the bridge, look left and down. You'll see a staircase down to the water. Go down the stairs and activate the rowboat.

Features: This house contains living/dining area, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, 3 small bedrooms, master bedroom, library, a decent amount of storage and lots and lots of display space throughout the house and on the third floor.

Also includes a small mushroom cave.

The kitchen features The Wanderer's Alchemy Boxes. At my request, he added boxes for OAAB Data ingredients, ST Alchemy ( ) and Morrowind Crafting. There is also an icebox included to store cooked foods from Ashfall, Morrowind Crafting or any other mod that adds such a feature.

Update in 1.3 - An alchemy sorter is now available! The Wanderer has written one with Lua.

No mannequins are included as I find them creepy. If you absolutely must have mannequins, you can buy some in game with this mod: 

Interop included for compatibility with Ashfall.

You can interact with the bathtub.

There is a teleport home ring in one of the containers in the house. Find it!

Changed in 1.3: I removed the well from the kitchen as it made Ashfall too easy.

There is an additional file to download if you want to use The Wanderer's Cloud Storage mod. You will also need this esm: - The cloud storage esp should load after River Rock Falls esp.

Recommended Mods:

Ashfall by Merlord -

Foods of Tamriel by Taddeus and Danae. This is next generation Necessities of Morrowind without the Necessities since it's supplanted by Ashfall. Lots of variety of food and drinks.

Morrowind Crafting 3.0 beta:

The stove in the kitchen can very easily be made compatible with Morrowind Crafting 3.0 alpha or later if you use this mod.
1. Go into Data Files -> MWSE -> mods -> Morrowind_Crafting_3 -> Cooking.
2. Open main.lua in Notepad++.
3. Go down to the following line that starts out as below and make that line look like this:

if ( == "mc_logfire" ) or ( == "mc_campfire" ) or ( == "rrfm_tw_mc_cook" ) then

(Don't make any changes to any other lines unless you know what you're doing.)
4. Save and close the text file.
5. Make sure MWSE is fully updated.

You can now make Morrowind Crafting 3 foods in your new home.

Provincial Bath Shoppe by Korana - to make the best use of the bathroom. - it's approximately 2/3 down the page. She has a lot of mods.

I also recommend the Korana Mods for Wares. This will also make bathroom items available to make the best use of the bathroom.

Credits, in alphabetical order:
I tried to remember everyone, but a lot of resources were used and it's possible I overlooked someone. I apologize in advance if that's the case. If you recognize an asset that is not credited here, please let me know and I will update this ASAP. Thank you to all for the wonderful meshes and textures. To the best of my knowledge, everything is free to use with credit.

Bethesda, of course.

Exterior grounds:
Cait - Animals
Mr Swiveller - Landscape
OAAB Team - Mushrooms in and at the cave entrance.
Parsimonius - Flowers
Shannon - Trees, cliffs, rocks, probably other stuff that I missed.
The Wanderer - Too many things to name.
TR Team: Strawberry containers and grapes plants, exterior balcony.
Vurt - Reeds, flowers

Cyprinus - Cherry coffee table.

Danae - Keybox from Containers! mod retextured with a Bethesda wood texture and hammers, straw, clay and sand and ingots containers. Made the icon for the silverware pitcher. Most of the wall paintings from the POTD mod. The Read Me is included to ensure proper credit given to all involved.

Denina - I kitbashed the cherry hutch and the cherry bookcase and the silverware pitchers in kitchen with Bethesda's textures.

Dongle - Bathtub

Kiteflyer61 - Built in bookcases with shelf cupboards, chests used in windows.

Melchior Dahrk - Flattened p_table in bathroom but retextured with Bethesda's swirlwood texture. He was also kind enough to make me a mist mesh for the bathtub and basins.

Princess Stomper/Mighty Joe Young - Painting of cat in the living room from Landscape Paintings 02:

Starcon5 - The 1s5 bookcase mesh in living room which I kitbashed by adding the Bethesda cherry textures.

Stuporstar - Bar cupboards, beds, rugs, tapestries, latrine from ST Upholstery resource.

The Wanderer - Some of the wall/floor pieces, stoves in kitchen, alchemy shelves and boxes, probably other items I overlooked.

Vegetto - Leather sofa, icebox

This mod was cleaned with TESAME and tes3cmd.