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Hello there, :).

If you find any bugs with my mod please post a comment and i will fix it in due haste.

This is the first big mod ive ever put out there. The reason i made this mod is because it feels like a alternate reality Morrowind and i find the aesthetic pleasing.

I hope you like this mod and enjoy it.

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==========================// Vanilla Textures Normal Mapped By THEREALNIGG \\=====================================
WARNING! This mod requires OpenMW it is highly recomended you use the Lateset Nightly Build.

:::STEP 1:::

To use a Nightly Build you need to first download and install the most recent stable version of OpenMW from here

After you visit that site and downlad and install the most recent stable version of openmw. you download the most recent nightly build from here and use that version.

More info on seting up the nightly build will be after the shader setup steps. With the STEP 3 Nightly Suffix.


:::STEP 2:::

ATTENTION! To use normal map shaders within openmw go to this directory on your pc, C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\OpenMW
In that sub folder open up, settings.cfg with notepad.

//its recomended you use Notepad ++ as it is a better and free program of normal windows notepad.

after opening settings.cfg

change these lines in the text file to the following.

force shaders = true
auto use object normal maps = true
auto use object specular maps = true
auto use terrain normal maps = true
auto use terrain specular maps = true
normal map pattern = _NORM
specular map pattern = _SPEC

After you have done that in your settings.cfg text file it should be all ready to use.

:::STEP 3 Nightly:::

But if you want the best OpenMW experince and you downloaded and install the latest nightly build of openmw
change your setting in the nightly openmw launcher to the screenshots i have provided.