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This mod will add fast travel NPCs to the game world upon reaching stage 3 on your great house stronghold. Also, after becoming the Nerevarine and defeating Dagoth Ur you'll receive a band to teleport you to the stronghold as well as other special merchants.

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This mod adds new fast travel NPCs to locations around Vvardenfel to bring you to and from your great house stronghold.

Upon reaching the last stage of your stronghold, the fast travel NPCs will appear in areas depending on your great house.

For Hlaalu there will be gondoliers at:

Odai Plateau
Gnaar Mok
Vivec, Hlaalu

For Redoran there will be guar carts at:
Bal Isra
Maar Gan
Ald Velothi
Vivec, Redoran

For Telvanni there will be mages at:
Uvirith's Grave
Sadrith Mora
Tel Aruhn
Tel Vos
Vivec, Telvanni

Different scripts are used than the default stronghold script, so the NPCs (along with boats, guars, docks etc.) will only appear for the great house you finish the stronghold for.

Furthermore, once you are the Nerevarine and have completed the final stage of your stronghold, the NPC at your stronghold will give you a special ring. This ring can teleport you back to your stronghold or to the Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant, working like the mazedband in Tribunal.

NPCs were placed in likely non-conflict locations and no landmass changes were made.